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IAQ Home Survey - A Tool for Professionals to Assess Indoor Air Quality and Active Mold Growth – Accurately and Inexpensively


Home air quality is a growing health issue throughout the US.  Most homeowners and potential home buyers are not aware there is an accurate and inexpensive way to determine the level of unwanted chemicals in home air.  Additionally many states and lending institutions now recommend that a home air quality audit be performed during a property sale.

IAQ Home Survey is an accurate, simple to use and cost effective tool for use in determining airborne chemicals (VOCs) and active growing mold (MVOCs) in home air.  With a single sample, IAQ Home Survey reports the air quality via the total levels of VOCs (TVOC) and MVOCs (TMVOC).  Most importantly, the chemical information is translated into categories of potential sources.  This allows an action plan for improving air quality to be developed.  In the case of a real estate transaction, it identifies the chemical contamination contributed by the home itself.

IAQ Home Survey is a cost effective tool for indoor air quality assessments.  It is particularly useful in real estate transactions.   A home inspector can easily and cost- effectively perform an air audit in conjunction with the home inspection.  

Adding air testing to your services provides added value to your customers, differentiates you from your peers and provides additional profits to your business. 

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"Everything looked brand new when my sister bought a recently flipped home and yet it had a strong odor inside. To help, I used my newly purchased sampling equipment to run a Prism IAQ Home Survey Inspect test. The results showed moderately active mold growth. My sister followed up by calling a mold inspector and following their investigation they found mold that had been left behind inside the wall cavity. I am happy that we were able to help find the odor source." - Eric Billitier, BBEC Building Biologist & Environmental Consultant @ Axis Environmental Solutions LLC




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