Years of dedication prepare Mount Pleasant business for national stage

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. - March 18, 2015 -

The prolific rise of a company may look like overnight success to the outside world, but often it’s years in the making.

That’s true for Mount Pleasant air testing laboratory Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc., which after being in business for more than 20 years, was skyrocketed to a national stage this month spurred by a special report on CBS’s 60 Minutes.

Prism, who runs its business and laboratory testing center at Central Michigan University Research Corporation, has been inundated with orders for their Home Air Check test kit after the news program aired a special report which said that Lumber Liquidators sold discount flooring that violated safety limits set by the California Air Resources Board.

The problem, the report said, is that the core of the laminate flooring is made up of various materials glued together with an adhesive that typically includes formaldehyde. Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, seeps into the air over time. One way to check for formaldehyde pollution is with an air quality test; since 2009 Prism has offered to the consumer market a test to do just that.

“Prism offers one of the few air quality tests for formaldehyde to the public, so after the 60 Minutes program, our orders were astronomical,” said Sarah Mack, Prism’s office and customer service manager.  Prism received more than 600 orders since the show aired, when normally they fill 40-50 orders in a week.  Those tests are packaged and shipped to customers, and then sent back to Prism, where they are processed, analyzed and findings are reported back to customers all from the Mount Pleasant laboratory. 

“This is the best thing that’s hit us as far as recognition of our brand and orders of our product,” Mack said. “Suddenly there’s an enormous audience across the country clamoring for your product.  Our years of experience and support system at CMURC have readied us to offer the public the tools they need to address their concerns.”

Prism says they’ve been working on products to clean homes with air pollution issues, and the influx of attention has sharpened their focus on other products customers want.  “We have a pending patent on an air purifier that will help reduce Formaldehyde levels in homes.”  said Mack. “With the new spotlight on our company and the new products in the pipeline, our opportunities are wide open.  With the platform CMURC has helped us build, we are confident we can deliver.”


About Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc.

Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc. is a leading consultative air testing laboratory in the United States that is devoted to the chemical identification and analysis of contaminants in the air.  Since 1992, Prism has focused intently on providing its clients with the finest science based technology in air testing, coupled with extraordinary service.  They are a multi-faceted company, providing a wide range of air testing support, including on-site monitoring and emergency response support.  Some areas of the company's expertise include: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs), Mold VOC's given off by actively growing molds (MVOCs), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Toxic Organic Compounds (TOC), plant emissions, process and industrial emissions, vent and stack emissions, and product off-gas.  Prism's deep knowledge in air scan technology has paved the way for the development of the first comprehensive home air test for consumers to test for total VOCs and total level of actively growing mold; Home Air Check™.    Many Fortune 100/500 companies, as well as hundreds of individual environmental consultants, home inspectors, and consumers have come to rely on their commitment to helping solve Indoor Air Quality, process control, industrial, and environmental challenges.



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