Safety is Our Priority!

September 2017
Outstanding Risk Assessment and Emergency Preparedness
propelled Prism to the "Best In Class" among Montrose Environmental Group's (MEG) many offices. A recent site visit and review from an outside Risk Management organization representative and MEG's Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety, Training, and Risk, Scott Churbock has brought companywide attention to our newly acquired laboratory (April 1st, 2017).


The audit allowed us to showcase our Risk Management Protocols, which received high ratings during the audit and are programs tailored for our laboratories by Prism's own EHS team. Employees receive extensive live training on our Hazard Communication Programs covering risk assessment, universal handling protocols, and emergency preparedness. Top audit ratings were assigned to both our Enthalpy and MAQS programs.
Many thanks to our entire staff for holding ourselves to and pursuing best practice standards with regards to safety and health concerns. We would like to extend a special THANK YOU to our multiple student interns Megan Smoker, Trevor Tillman, Mark Rozeveld, Adam Gudbrandson, GC-MS first year analysts, and EHS Site Manager, Lindsey Wells, for their dedication, time, and talents. 
Alice Delia - Prism Analytical Technologies Lab Director
Phil Kauppi - Prism Analytical Technologies MAQS District Manager