R&R Focus On: Odors

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Science of Odors

Science of Odors

Among all the services restoration and remediation contractors provide, odor removal results are undoubtedly the most subjective. Someone may smell something another person in the same home may not. Odor perceptions are different, and the better you understand the science behind odors, the better you’ll be able to eliminate the source of the odor.

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Science of Odors

“I smell ……...”

“You mean you really don’t smell that? You’re just pulling my leg, right?!”

Being stuck in this predicament with your customer can feel like a never-ending battle. One might begin to wonder, if it is us experiencing the odor, that we are crazy after others express they cannot detect the odor … Read More

The Psychology of Odors
Odor elimination is probably one of the biggest challenges a restoration professional faces on a job. In part, this is because the definition of good and bad odor is so subjective. What might smell nice or pleasant to one person may smell offensive to another. To be able to successfully eliminate an unwanted odor, you need to understand how the nose and our brain processes odor…
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After a Fire: Focusing on IAQ
After a fire, there is a rush of activity in an effort to return the damaged spaces to pre-fire condition. Since fire and smoke leave such an extensive and complex mess, all the attention and effort naturally focus on removal of the fire and smoke contamination, cleaning the salvageable items, and eliminating smoke odors. However, there is another aspect that is often overlooked – the addition of new contaminants during the remediation and rebuilding process...Read More